Here’s the Scoop!

A grandmother to three wonderful boys… a mother to two strong women and mother-in-law to two great young men… and a widow whose husband died suddenly in March, 2012… I am going to share my story as it has unfolded since his death and continues to unfold…

as I have found ways to move forward and through loss, I hope you may find some similarities in your life…

I have been amazingly blessed

this is my story

5 thoughts on “Here’s the Scoop!”

  1. You have a lovely way with words. I hope the days and nights get easier, but you do seem to be handling the loss with strength and grace. I hope George is able to feel your words and thoughts, if not read them.

    • Thanks Sheri for the kind words… I do feel George’s presence often… I also resonate with your writings as one of our family names for George was Grumpa, lol…

  2. Greetings Herbiggirlpants

    Nice blog.

    I found your reference to Truro Creek as I was preparing my 30×30 Nature Challenge Journal (I am visiting all 36 of the Winnipeg Greenway Trails) at my blog: HEALTH COACH:×30-nature-challenge

    I was trying to find out where the creek comes from at its northern end…
    Please come and visit me.

    ! !

    • Thanks for liking my blog… I believe Truro Creek starts at or near the airport… You could ask 311 where it starts exactly… They were very helpful when u called them last year when it was dry…

  3. “Here’s the Scoop” great title for your About page. Also like the gentleness of your words that describe who you are and why someone might want to follow your blog.

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